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Other things to do in the area

Here you will find a list of other attractions in the area

Nurburgring Museum

Known as ring°werk and located at the Nurburgring Boulevard, visitors can immerse themselves in all things motorsport. Learn the history of the Nordschleife or experience it for yourself in one of the simulators.




“Germany’s Best Theme Park” is located near Cologne. Featuring 6 themed areas, there is something for everyone. The park has several record-breaking rides including the fastest multi-launch rollercoaster in the world.



Burg Eltz

The castle of Burg Eltz dates back over 850 years and is located 70 meters high in a hidden valley of the Mosel river. Explore the stunning architecture and surrounding natural paradise or take part in a castle tour.




Cochem is a town located on the beautiful Mosel river. Consider a visit to the baroque castle, a boat trip or ride the chairlift and enjoy the incredible views. Not only are the surrounding roads fantastic for motorcyclists, but the ice cream cannot be missed!



Gerolstein Wolf park

The Eagle and Wolf park near Gerolstein is situated in the grounds of an historic castle. Housing the largest wolf pack in Western Europe and many species of birds of prey, the park is also home to many other animals including hogs and deer.



Michael Schumacher kart center

Located in Kerpen, the Michael Schumacher kart center features indoor and outdoor tracks (both over 700m long), fast karts and lots of Michael Schumacher racing memorabilia.



Freilinger See

Located just 9km from Sliders, Freilinger See is a large fresh water lake situated next to well-kept lawns and forest area. Great for a dip, sunbathe or for water sport enthusiasts.  



To find our more about the Eifel region and explore other attractions to the area, visit: https://www.eifel.info/

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