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New to the Nurburgring?

**Just general guidance – we are not experts at this**

The Nordschleife is a great track, known to many as one of the most challenging and rewarding tracks in the world.

The touristenfahrten sessions allow anyone, driving pretty much anything access to the same tarmac you want to use, so it’s worth considering a few points:


1. Sighting laps pay for themselves, if they keep you crash free!

Gran Turismo/Forza/Project Cars – they do an amazing job of bringing the track to your home, but there is only so much they can do. Don’t jump into a fast time – get a feel for the place over a couple of laps. If the mood does take you and it is a quiet session, PLEASE only commit to a corner if you can see the EXIT! There are a couple of late apex corners that catch people out. 


2. Keep an eye out behind you!

There are some uber quick cars and bikes on the track – if you are slower than the person behind you – let them by, indicate > and safely move to the right side of the track.
With that in mind – Only overtake on the left – If you can see the right hand indicator of the car in front, at least you know he is expecting you to!


3. Your ride may be good, but is everyone else’s?

Dropped coolant/oil from other motorists vehicles are an issue for bikers and cars alike – please make sure your vehicle is up to par – but be mindful that it is possible that not everyone else has.


4. Idiot drivers

It’s an epidemic the world over – hopefully you won’t encounter one on the ring – but don’t be one either! The Nordschleife is essentially a fantastic toll road.

It is still subject (in part) to the rules of the road so driving etiquette applies. We all like a bit of competition, but racing each other carries a racing risk!


5. Enjoy yourself

We are not authorities on the matter, but it is common knowledge that seriously chasing lap times increases risk – better to go home shiny side up and injury free – your wallet will thank you!

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